Meet the Serious People.

We believe success in business is more than selling the right products – it’s about the right people on your team. We are your team of experts who take your business goals seriously.

Aaron Phelps

Visionary / Project Manager

Over the past 12 years, Look Serious founder Aaron Phelps has gained extensive exposure to the world of entrepreneurship. He’s had first-hand experience with the sweat and tears it takes to get the wheels turning on a start-up and is passionate about helping others get their momentum. Aaron has developed hours of commercial video as well as created and managed websites for corporate offices, and handled marketing collateral for start-up and enterprise businesses including Chicken Soup for the Soul, PASCO Systems Inc, and Technisoil Global.

Team Member

Anthony Kim

Development Ninja

Anthony has developed a passion for learning in high school – and the fire continues to grow. Today, he enjoys explaining complex “technical stuff” to clients and spends days and days mastering state-of-the-art IT technologies. He is highly skilled in the following front-end frameworks: Angular.Js, Backbone.Js, Chaplin.Js, React.Js, KendoUI, Kinetic.JS, as well as these backend: PHP: codeigniter, wordpress, drupal, cakephp, laravel, yii, kohana Python: Django Nodejs Ruby on Rails.

Team Member

Should you hire us?

It really comes down to dollars and sense. We are great at what we do, and there is true value in working with experts when it comes to creating an image for your busines or organization.

Our Work Philosophy

Our philosphy is simple: Great design communicates real, lasting value. We can help you stand out and get the attention your business deserves.

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